District 8 Rangeland Research and Demonstration Individual Reports

Annual Broomweed 2010 Aminocyclopyrachlor for Control of Annual Broomweed
Arundo 2011 Herbicide Ground Applications on Arundo donax
Blackberry 2011 Individual Plant Foliar Sprays on Blackberry
Cedar Elm 2011 Broadcast and IPT Herbicide Applications on Cedar Elm
2014 Ground Broadcast Cedar Elm Control Treatments
Cholla 2007 Aerial applications on Cholla Cactus
Flameleaf Sumac 2011 Individual Plant Herbicide Applications on Flameleaf Sumac
Generic Weed 2007 Generic Herbicide Efficacy for Weed Control
Greenbriar 2014 new icon2016 Greenbriar Individual Plant Treatments
Honey Locust 2012 DuPont Honey Locust Ground Broadcast_Final
2011 Individual Plant Herbicide Applications on Honey Locust
Ironweed 2009 Efficacy of Aminocyclopyrachlor for Ironweed Control
Johnsongrass 2014 Johnsongrass Control in Coastal Fields
Lotebush 2011 Aerial Lotebush & Pricklypear_Final
Mesquite 2013 2013 Aerial Application of Dow AgroSciences Products on Mesquite
2010 Control of Mesquite-Pricklypear Complex with Aerial Application of Herbicides, 2003-2008
2014 new icon2016 Oil Based Basal Treatments on Mesquite
2012 DuPont Mesquite Cut Stump
2016 2016 Bayer Crop Sciences Individual Plant Foliar Treatments on Mesquite
2016 2016 Mesquite Timing Trial
2014 Dow 2014 Mesquite IPT Foliar
2014 Mesquite IPT Foliar Treatments Wise County
2010 Comparison of Herbicide Options for IPT Mesquite Control
2014 new iconMesquite IPT Foliar Treatments Baylor County
Mixed Brush 2012 DuPont Fencerow Broadcast_Final
Persimmon 2009 2009 Individual Plant Basal Sprays on Selected Brush Species
Pricklypear 2016 Ground Broadcast Treatments on Prickly Pear
2014 new iconPrickly Pear IPT Treatments with PastureGard HL
2010 Control of Mesquite-Pricklypear Complex with Aerial Application of Herbicides, 2003-2008 
2016 new iconIndividual Plant Treatments on Prickly Pear
2011 Individual Plant Treatment Demonstrations on Pricklypear
2007 Comparison of Picloram Options for Pricklypear Control
Saltcedar 2007 Ground Broadcast Applications on Saltcedar Using Dow AgroSciences Herbicides
Sandbur 2011 Ground Broadcast Applications of Pastora on Sandbur
Silverleaf Nightshade 2008 Efficacy of Dow AgroSciences Products for Silverleaf Nightshade Control
Texas Wintergrass 2014 new iconTexas Wintergrass Control in Coastal Fields
Thistle 2015
Trifoliate Orange 2013 2013 Individual Plant Treatments of Trifoliate Orange
Willow Baccharis 2011 Individual Plant Foliar Treatments on Willow Baccharis
Yaupon 2012 Yaupon IPT
2014 new iconIPT Basal Treatments on Yaupon
Yucca 2014 new iconGround Broadcast Treatments of Yucca

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