Problems & Opportunities

With only 20 full time staff at TAES-Stephenville, we cannot address each and every important problem in agricultural production, natural resources conservation and utilization, and preservation of the environment. Texas A&M System logoMany of these problems are addressed by our colleagues at the College Station campus of Texas A&M University and at other Centers. The results are transferred to this region by the agents and specialists of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

We hopefully find the best balance between maintaining stable research programs in areas of long term high priority, while responding to emerging new issues with short-term resource commitment. Our resource flexibility is limited, however.

Texas Peanut Producers Board logoOur traditional agricultural funding from state and federal sources is not keeping pace with inflation. To maintain our research capacity, we must rely increasingly more on research contracts from state and federal research programs. The funding comes with strings attached – we must support the objectives of the individual projects. These objectives may not be high priorities in this region. We appreciate the financial support of the Texas Peanut Producers Board, which supports our peanut research program in areas that are a priority to the Board members.

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