Dr. Forrest L. Mitchell

Professor and Research Project LeaderDr. Forrest L. Mitchell

B.S. – Biological Sciences, 1977, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
M.S. – Entomology, 1980, Entomology
Ph.D.- Entomology, 1985, Entomology

Email:   FMitchel@ag.tamu.edu
Phone:   254.968.4144
Fax:       254.965.3759

Our program is very diversified as we are involved in research on insect DNA, genetic fingerprinting, insect viruses, and insect transmitted viruses (such as Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and insect vectored viruses which affect squash and melons). In recent years, in response to the increasing global need for clean water, we have directed a major part of our research toward aquatic insects and invertebrates. Our efforts have been rewarded with notes in Science, and our Digital Dragonfly Museum was selected as Website of the Week July 7, 1997 by Scientific American.

It is our goal to resolve entomological problems of regional and statewide importance through research and to make the results of that research available to other scientists, educators, and the general public.

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