Leadership Information

2017-2019 B.I.G. Executive Board

Chairman – Mr. Bill Foshea, Ellis County

Vice-Chairman – Mr. Rodney Shronk, Hill County

Treasurer – Mr Justin Richard, McLennan County

Beef Commodity Chair –

Cotton Commodity Chair –

Family Nutrition Chair – Dana Tarter, Central Region

Forage Commodity Chair –

Grain Commodity Chair –

Horse Chairman –

Horticulture Chair –

Rural Land Management Chair –

Wildlife Commodity Chair –

B.I.G. Extension Coordinator – Brent Batchelor, Central Region

B.I.G. Board Officers and Board Members serve a two-year term.

The Board consists of:

  • B.I.G. officers and immediate past president (the president serves as chair of the Executive Board)
  • Standing committee chairs
  • Selected key leaders
  • Selected U.S.D.A. and other agricultural agency personnel
  • The coordinator and secretary and county Extension agents from the same counties as the B.I.G. officers and standing committee chairs/co-chairs will serve as “ex officio” members

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